'Completely deluded', 'worse statements than Rangers', 'scapegoat fans' - Supporters react angrily to latest Celtic statement

Celtic fans have understandably reacted angrily to Peter Lawwell’s statement calling for “strength in adversity”.

Celtic fans have reacted angrily to Peter Lawwell's statement. Picture: SNS
Celtic fans have reacted angrily to Peter Lawwell's statement. Picture: SNS

The chief executive’s message to fans was seen as the club standing behind under-fire boss Neil Lennon as he called for a coming together.

It did not go down well with Celtic fans and certainly raised a few eyebrows amongst Scottish football.

Celtic: Get the latest team news, match previews and reports

Celtic: Get the latest team news, match previews and reports

@TOPJBHOY: “If Peter Lawwell thinks this is an adequate response for complete mismanagement this season, boy, has he read the room wrong. Completely deluded.”

@Daniel_6_G: “Essentially Lennon is going to be allowed to cost us the Scottish Cup before he gets the sack. Tone deaf. Lawwell needs to go.”

@NoNotThatDevlin: “Kind of blown away by how ill-judged that statement is. Makes clearer than ever the disconnect between club and fans.”

@jucojames: “Lawwell would be well served to read up on the 2nd law of thermodynamics and entropy- rather than introduce a "refrigerator effect" he just poured lighter fluid into the mix. Just so bad and incompetent on so many levels.”

@Lorenzo__LP: “TLDR: ‘We already have your cash’”

@TenMenWonTheLea: “‘Adversity’ caused by your inability to remove a manager who is bereft of any plan to get us out of this crisis #sacktheboard”

@Rissy67_: “The worst f****** statement I think I’ve ever seen, and I witnessed Rangers from 2012-2020.”

@twistandturns_J: “Deary me, I preferred the silence.”

@KierenLaverty: “What needs to be answered..

- why the lack of youth development to 1st team.

- why the failure in European football

- why 5 points behind (league)

- why out of the cup

- why the lack of tactical changes during matches

- why in every game this season is there a lack of drive


@StuartHemple: “Incompetence of the highest order, Lawwell should go aswell. He's been at the club for far too long.”

@euan__cfc: “Scapegoats fans to deflect from their man in the dugout making a s*** job of this season then have the cheek to ask for unity?”

@SeanFrancis93: “’This is not about any individual, but about Celtic Football Club as a collective.' Listen to the collective opinion then and make a change in the dugout.”

Other fans:

@RFBorthwick: “Hearts losing a cup final to Neil Lennon's Celtic will be more embarrassing than any other result that goes against us this season.”

@Nareystoepoker: “This isn't going to appease anyone. Peter Lawwell doesn't even bother trying to make an argument in favour of persisting with Neil Lennon here, presumably because there isn't a strong one.”

@OwenJamesBrown: “Manage to fill up the word count pretty swiftly without actually saying anything else of interest - a lovely tribute to Lennon’s pals in the media.”

@craigvickers_: “Every action from Celtic in the past two days - from the board to the manager - suggests they've been caught cold by this slump in form, when just about every performance metric predicted this malaise. Complacency/arrogance? You choose.”

@J_WTB1: “More statements than victories in the last 8 weeks.”

@EvanMcFarlane: “Can I once again just reiterate my support for Celtic noising their own fanbase up as much as humanly possible for no reason at all.”

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