Paddy McGuinness has set a new Guinness World Record - in an ice cream van

Top Gear presenter and comedian, Paddy McGuinness, has achieved a new Guinness World Record, reaching new speeds in an electric ice cream van.

McGuinness smashed the previous world record in his ice cream van, called Mr Nippy, reaching a top speed of 80.04 mph. To break the world record, the van had to meet certain requirements and Guinness World Record criteria.

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‘A traditional ice cream van’

Guinness World Records said that the design needed to be based “on a traditional and commercially available ice cream van” and that the van needed to have a “large serving hatch, as well as having a cooling system on board and the ability to serve soft serve style ice cream.”

The official Top Gear Twitter account tweeted, “He’s only gone and done it. At the helm of Mr Nippy - @PaddyMcGuinness hit 80.043mph at Elvington Airfield; achieving a new @GWR Guinness World Records title for “Fastest Electric Ice Cream Van”. Now, who fancies a 99?”

Of the world record, McGuinness said, “Since joining Top Gear I’ve already had a lifetime’s worth of amazing experiences but achieving a Guinness World Records title is total life goals. The distant jingle of an ice cream van still makes kids and adults giddy with excitement and I hope viewers enjoy what we’ve done with the unique Mr Nippy.”

The original episode featuring the world record breaking feat aired on Sunday 1 November - but, for those who missed it, the episode is available to watch again on BBC iPlayer.

What was the previous world record?

Previously, the fastest ice cream van record was held by inventor Edd China, who reached a top speed of 73.921 mph in his electric ice cream van.

According to Guinness World Records, China began working on his ice cream van back in 2018, modifying it over the course of two years, breaking the record in March 2020. The record had been measured at Elvington Airfield in Yorkshire, the same area where McGuinness set the new record.

This was the seventh world record title Edd China has held, with previous records including the ‘fastest office’, which he set back in 2006, after reaching speeds of 87 mph. The fastest office is a roadworthy desk, created and driven by China across Westminster Bridge into London on 9 November 2006.

China congratulated McGuinness on breaking his record on Twitter, writing, “Congrats on your first @GWR record! The savoury cone is genius!”

China has his sights set on breaking the record for the fastest motorised shopping trolley, which is currently set at 70.04 mph.