Which states are still counting votes for the US election 2020? And when the next ones will be called - including Georgia, Nevada and Arizona

The outcome of Trump vs Biden hinges on the results in a few decisive swing states

The election may have taken place on November 3, but, two days on, the race between incumbent president Donald Trump and Joe Biden is still too close to call.

The race has come down to the vote in a handful of key swing states, with Trump’s path to the White House narrower than that of his Democrat rival, despite the 45th president already falsely claiming victory.

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The hold up in vote counting is partly due to the massive increase in mail-in and early voting, with many voters opting to avoid handing in their ballot on election day due to the ongoing coronavirus pandemic.

Voters in both camps, though particularly Democrats, are demanding that every vote is counted (Getty Images)
Voters in both camps, though particularly Democrats, are demanding that every vote is counted (Getty Images)

Here’s what we know about the race in the states where counting is still ongoing.


Trump holds a healthy lead in the northwestern state and is all but guaranteed to pick up the state’s 3 electoral college votes.

Trump won the state by 14.7% in 2016 and he currently holds a 28 point lead in the state with 50% of counting complete.

Though Trump will likely win in the west coast state it could be the final state to be called.


The state was called for Biden by the “decision desks” at Fox News and Associated Press in a move that infuriated Trump’s campaign team.

Since then Biden’s lead has narrowed significantly, with Biden’s lead down to 1.4%.

12% of the state’s votes are still to be counted, the majority of which are early absentee votes.

To win Trump needs roughly two-thirds of the votes to fall in his favour. An update on the race is expected on Thursday night local time.


President Trump has held a lead for much of the count in Georgia, a seat which has traditionally been a Republican stronghold.

Momentum in the count has shifted, however, with mail-in and early ballots heavily favouring Joe Biden.

98% of the vote has been reported, with Trump holding a slender 19,000 vote lead, with the majority of remaining votes to come from cities which heavily favour Biden, including Atlanta.

The secretary of state has indicated that a result will be known later today.

Biden needs to clinch over 60% of the remaining votes to overtake Trump in the count.


Another sun belt state which has shifted towards the Democrats, Biden currently holds an ultra-slender lead in Nevada.

Biden currently leads by under 10,000 votes with 25% of the vote still to be counted, the majority of which are mail-in and expected to lean in favour of the Democrat.

A final result is expected at 5pm UK time.

North Carolina

Like Georgia, North Carolina has traditionally voted red, but Biden has made a contest of the east coast state.

Trump currently leads the race by over 70,000 votes, with 94% of the vote counted.

To clinch victory in the state, Biden will need to win two-thirds of the remaining votes.

With mail-in ballots accepted until November 12, it could be some time before we have a result in North Carolina.


Pennsylvania’s 20 electoral college votes make it a key state in the White House race.

Trump’s current lead of over 150,000 may seem handsome, but the majority of mail-in ballots still to be counted come from urban areas dominated by Democrat voters.

Votes which are postmarked on November 3 will be counted, though Mr Trump’s campaign are mounting legal challenges in an effort to have them thrown out.

A result in the vital state is expected on Friday.

Michigan and Wisconsin

The final votes are also being counted in rust belt states Michigan and Wisconsin though both have been called for Joe Biden.

If Biden’s victory ends up being less than 1% in Wisconsin then Mr Trump will be allowed to call a recount.

In Michigan, where Biden’s lead is 2.7%, Mr Trump is attempting to halt the count of mail-in ballots.