Readers Letters: Are Glaswegians going to be naughty this year?

Brace yourself, Edinburgh, for an influx of Christmas shoppers from Tier Four areas in the west.

Yes, it will be illegal, even though wide-scale arrests will apparently be a last resort. I'm not suggesting the severe restrictions are necessarily wrong but are Nicola Sturgeon’s enforcement measures practicable? Can our hard-pressed police force really control this, should even a small proportion of 2.3 million Tier 4 Scots choose to break the law?

Martin Redfern

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Melrose, Roxburghshire

Space to ponder

I see nothing wrong in having a quiet Christmas this year for a change, bearing in mind we will still have the turkey and trimmings, the Queen’s Speech and the usual old TV films. Perhaps it will give us all a chance to reflect on what Christmas is really all about.

Dennis Forbes Grattan

Mugiemoss RoadBucksburn, Aberdeen

Own worst enemy

Scotland's opposition parties, especially the Conservatives, profess horror at the mere suggestion devolution isn't perfect, claiming it's the SNP that has screwed up. If they'd spent the last 13 years understanding real voters, not those in hand-picked focus groups, and created policies to use devolution to fix and transform Scotland, they might be in government, not staring down the barrel of annihilation in next May's election. The culprit isn't in Downing Street – just look in the mirror.

Allan Sutherland

Willow RowStonehaven, Aberdeenshire

Come together

Tom Kitchin, the successful restaurant owner, was asked about devolution this week. He said this is a time for coming together, healing and recovery. Like many business owners, he is not thinking about independence, or devolution. He is thinking about saving jobs, saving his industry and saving suppliers. Why can’t SNP politicians recognise that “now is not the time”?

Jane Lax

Craigellachie, Aberlour

Crystal balls

The Norwegian University of Science and Technology and Oxford University says huge numbers of British garden birds face being wiped out by the end of the century due to climate change. Such predictions are always in the distant future, when the taxpayer-funded researchers will not be there to answer for their scaremongering. Such predictions turn out to be spectacularly wrong. Here are only a few: Harvard biologist George Wald estimated in 1970 that "civilisation will end within 15 or 30 years". The same year Paul Ehrlich said that the world population will completely outstrip food supplies and "at least 100-200 million people per year will starve to death during the next ten years". And 30 years ago it was said that The Maldives would disappear beneath the waves "very soon". Today's climate scientists seem to be using the same crystal ball.

Clark Cross

Springfield RoadLinlithgow, West Lothian

Just desserts

I agree with Euan McColm’s assessment of the state of Boris Johnson’s government after Dominic Cummings’ departure (November 15). There seems an ironic justice that Cummings is being treated like an ex-mistress – kicked out, abandoned, and left holding the baby.

C Maciejewski

Loch Flemington, Inverness


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