Coronavirus in Scotland: Dine-and-dash pair caught after leaving track-and-trace details

A pair of diners who fled a Fife restaurant without paying were traced by the eatery staff after leaving their details via track-and-trace.

Thursday, 1st October 2020, 4:33 pm
Updated Thursday, 1st October 2020, 5:35 pm
Staff at Ziggy's contacted the pair.
Staff at Ziggy's contacted the pair.

Ziggy’s restaurant in St Andrews said two girls with two young children left without paying on Monday night, but have already been contacted by staff at Ziggy’s.

The Murray Place eatery also added that one of the children had left their wellies on the premises, and the diners would be able to collect them when they return to pay.

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Police have confirmed they are investigating the matter.

In a social media post, Ziggy’s described the diners as a “pair of rockets”.

The restaurant said: “They came to the restaurant on Monday evening without a reservation (two girls with two young children and a dog), we had space so we took their details and sat them at the table.

"They finished their meal and before we had the chance to clear their plates, one left with the kids leaving the other to ‘pay’! Of course the Apple Pay didn’t work, so she had to run to the car to get her bank card.”

However, a further altercation occurred outside when they attempted to drive off, which prompted someone to make a note of their licence plate.

The post continued: “Meanwhile the friend was already in the car trying to drive the wrong way out of Murray Place (a one way road)!

"She was met by a Deliveroo driver driving the right way, he politely tried to make her aware of this however, she preferred to get out her car and have a screaming match with him. “Luckily the Deliveroo driver took a picture of the licence plate which has been passed on to the police along with her name and contact number (thank you track and trace).

“We phoned, she phoned back so we asked if she planned on paying her bill? We were given a load of abuse!! - Class!

“In the haste to leave they left the weans’ wellies! Maybe you can pay the bill when you come to collect them.”

A Police Scotland Spokesperson said: “We received a report of a group leaving a premises in Murray Place, St Andrews, without paying, around 7.15pm on Monday, September 28.

“Officers are following a positive line of enquiry.”


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