Women's winter pyjamas: our pick of the 10 comfiest and cosiest

For all its difficulties, winter comes with its own unique pleasures. One of the most enduring is donning a pair of cosy, comfy pyjamas, be it in anticipation of bed, a day of leisure about the house, or, in these work-from-home times, for a day sat at the laptop.

Here, then, are the pairs that will keep you warm, or slip on like a second skin before you head to Bedfordshire.

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The White Company Jersey Classic Pyjama Set, £75

The White Company Jersey Classic Pyjama Set

Forced to choose but one pair, we'd say these are the most comfortable pyjamas on the UK market. Our desert island, only PJs we could wear for the rest of our days, pair. They drape lovingly, and modal/elastane fabric manages the neat trick of feeling both feather-light, soft, yet warm enough to win that all important 'cosy' moniker. Admittedly, fans of colour have little to love here,  but for weekend mornings spent blissfully pottering about the house, accept no substitute. Buy here 

Hush Gabriela Printed Pyjamas, £55

The story goes that Hush founder Mandy Watkins created her now-famous pyjamas, having moved to the UK from her native Australia, to withstand our comparatively vicious winters. Sounds entirely plausible: Hush pjs are awfully fine at creating instantaneous toastiness. 100 per cent cotton, they have an old-fashioned feel on the skin, like the jammies you wore as a child at Christmas. They're also cute as anything: this blue animal print is vibrant and delightful. Buy here 

Boden Vanessa Cosy Pyjamas, £65

Let joy be unconfined. Boden do a fine line in nightwear, and this pair is no exception: super-soft brushed cotton and a velvet trim make for a tactile, warm'n'fuzzy feel. What tips these particular PJs into the stuff of ideal leisurewear is the rainbow-bright chevron design, which is cheer itself. (The pattern is a tiny bit redolent of the Twin Peaks red room, minus all sinister overtones). Boden PJs have a relaxed, generous fit, so don't fret about tight waistbands. Buy here

M&S Women's Family Christmas Checked Pyjama Set, £25

M&S Women's Family Christmas Checked Pyjama Set

Suggesting one buys sleepwear from Marks and Spencer may feel every bit as groundbreaking as saying you should wear florals in springtime. But their reputation for cosiness is deserved, and they are still purveyors of some of the most reasonably priced jim jams on the High Street. Their pure-cotton PJs wear well wash after wash. This tartan pair is a timeless choice. Adorably, there are matching sets for the whole family if you want to force your beloveds into truly cheesy Christmas Morning photos. Buy here 

Cyberjammies Stella Navy Star Top & Pant Set, £48

Cyberjammies: Stella Navy Star Top & Pant Set

Remember we said the White Company PJs are our all-time favourite pair, in terms of comfort? This Cyberjammies set boasts many of the same benefits, for two thirds the price. That's thanks to the modal/cotton blend: again, we're talking a buttery softness, a luscious drape. And while this pair is not as soft as the White Company, they comfortably best them on the style front. The navy blue star constellation is chic enough to pass the 'can I take a work Zoom call in this?' test. Buy here

Desmond and Dempsey Soleia Cotton Pyjama Set, £150

This is not a cosy set in the sense of warmth, but for ease of wear. 100 per cent breathable cotton, don't think fuzzy-cosy, rather breathable and light as a second skin. If you're after a pair of PJs that are as close as you can get to being naked, this is it. Wide legged trousers mean you'll never feel hemmed it.

And as to the look. Travel is a distant dream at the moment, but we have to confess this set is so chic we've worn the trousers while travelling Cuba and Marrakech, to nothing but flattering glances and admiring remarks. Simply put, every D&D pair is great looking: this is arguably the best. Buy here

Uniqlo Princesse Tam.Tam Rayon Satin Pyjamas, £29.90

Let us skip lightly over the frankly ridiculous name. Love something a little bit silky feeling, but without the ridiculously difficult care instructions? Here you go. This funky set of PJs is breathable and durable. Buy here 

M&S Fleece Heart Print Pyjama Set, £15

M&S Fleece Heart Print Pyjama Set

For many, nothing says comfort like fleece. Not unreasonably, of course. Here, then, is an inexpensive route to pleasure: this heart-emblazoned set has all the instantaneous cosiness one associates with fleece. If you purchase reconciled to the knowledge that most fleece becomes less sumptuous over time, you'll be very satisfied. Buy here

H&M Printed Pyjamas, £17.99

H&M Printed Pyjamas

No one can feel truly discontent when garbed in Snoopy attire. H&M's pyjamas may not be as luxe as other entries on this list, but they are supremely baggy, which, let's face it, is often precisely what we want from our nightwear. The top is a light sweatshirt material, the leggings elasticated jersey: you could feasibly get away with nipping to the corner shop (fully masked) while wearing this set. Buy here

Yolke Cheetah-print silk-satin pyjama, £365

Yes, we see that (huge) price tag, and yes, we know times are tight. But it would be remiss of us to round up comfy pyjamas and omit mention of Yolke, the Ferrari Testarossa of the nightwear world. All sleek lines, obvious luxury, brio, and delectable comfort. You can't wear this silk-satin pair without swooning, so luscious is their cool, featherweight silk. We're not suggesting this is a mandatory purchase, but if you want to truly treat yourself, this is your pair. Buy here 

Joyfully, Yolke pyjamas can be found at discount pieces on the Outnet - buy here

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