When is the Queen’s birthday? Date of Queen Elizabeth II’s real birthday - and why she has two

Every year, Queen Elizabeth II celebrates not one, but two birthdays - the first being in April and the second in June

But when is her actual date of birth and why does the UK monarch celebrate two every year?

Here’s what you need to know.

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Every year, Queen Elizabeth II celebrates not one, but two birthdays - one being in April and the other in June (Photo: Shutterstock)

When is the Queen’s real birthday?

Queen Elizabeth’s actual date of birth is 21 April 1926.

The Queen was born to the Duke and Duchess of York, who went on to become King George VI and Queen Elizabeth.

She was born in her grandfather’s house in Mayfair, London.

How old is the Queen?

In April 2020, the Queen turned 94.

How does she celebrate her birthday?

The Queen spends her real birthday in private with her family, but her official summer birthday is usually celebrated publicly.

The Queen’s official birthday

Similarly to previous monarchs, the Queen commemorates her birthday twice a year - once on her actual date of birth, and then once again on her ‘official’ birthday, which is in June.

This usually takes place on the second Saturday in June.

In June 2022, the UK will also get an extra bank holiday to celebrate the Queen’s Platinum Jubilee.

The Queen will reach 70 years as Monarch in 2022, with a long weekend of celebrations planned to mark the occasion.

Although Her Majesty will have reigned for 70 years on 6 February 2022, celebrations are planned to take place from 2 to 5 June 2022.

As a result, the late May spring bank holiday - which is due to land on Monday 30 May 2022 - will be moved to Thursday 2 June, with an additional bank holiday declared for Friday 3 June.

Where does this tradition come from?

The reigning monarch celebrating two birthdays is a long-standing tradition with British monarchs, which dates back to King George II in 1748.

The King wanted to change the month of his birthday because of the UK weather.

He therefore decided that because his birthday fell in November, which is usually not a great month for weather, he would instead combine his birthday celebrations with the annual Trooping the Colour, during summer.

What are the Queen’s birthday honours?

The Queen's Birthday Honours List recognises the achievements of a wide range of people across the United Kingdom. The lists of who has received honours are published on the Queen’s official birthday in June.