Where can I get a flu jab in Edinburgh? Full list of NHS clinics offering free vaccine - and where to get a private vaccination

The NHS has made the flu vaccination available to an increased number of people this year, as coronavirus continues to spread throughout Scotland

The NHS are urging people to receive the flu jab if eligible
The NHS are urging people to receive the flu jab if eligible

Due to the increased risk of coronavirus and the flu on vulnerable groups, NHS Scotland aims to vaccinate a record number of Scots against the flu, this winter.

If you are eligible, you will need to know where to go for your appointment and what to expect when you arrive.

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Those that are not eligible for a free jab can get a vaccination privately at a small fee.

Who is eligible to receive the flu jab?

Around 2.4 million people in Scotland are eligible to receive the flu jab this year, according to NHS Scotland.

However, different groups can receive the vaccination at staggered phases, with phase 1 having begun in October and phase 2 beginning in December.

From October, the following groups can receive the full jab for free on the NHS:

- All primary school children

- Children aged 2 to 5 (children must be aged 2 years or above on 1 September 2020 and not yet in school)

- Anyone aged 65 and over by 31 March 2021

- Anyone with an eligible health condition

- Pregnant women

- Healthcare workers

- Unpaid and young carers

- Those living in the same home as people previously shielding from coronavirus

- Social care workers who provide direct personal care

From December, those aged 55 to 64 (by 31 March 2021) who would not usually be eligible are to be offered the vaccine.

Where can you go to get a flu jab in Edinburgh?

In addition to receiving the flu vaccination at your local GP surgery, there are various other places where you may be asked to go instead.

This year, in addition to your GP, local pharmacy or hospital, you could be required to attend community venues such as town halls, village halls, sports halls and secondary schools or a drive-through or walk-through clinic.

To find out more about where you may be required to go, you can fill out the questionnaire on the NHS website which determines which eligible group you belong to and where you should attend your appointment.

The majority of people are asked to attend a drive-through or walk-through clinic which will be determined by the health practice you are registered to.

Primary school aged children will receive their vaccination in school.

Where are the clinics in Edinburgh?

Once you have spoken to your GP over the phone, they will advise where you should attend.

NHS Lothian drive through clinics are in:

- Edinburgh Bioquarter - 9 Little France Rd, Edinburgh EH16 4UX

- Napier University (Craiglockhart Campus) - 219 Colinton Rd, Edinburgh EH14 1DJ

- Easter Road Stadium - 12 Albion Pl, Edinburgh EH7 5QG

- Scottish Gas (Waterfront Avenue) - 1 Waterfront Ave, Edinburgh EH5 1SG

- Scottish Government (Victoria Quay) - Victoria Quay, Leith, Edinburgh EH6 6QQ

- Napier University (Sighthill Campus) - 9 Sighthill Ct, Edinburgh EH11 4BN

- Younger Building (Edinburgh Park) - 3 Redheughs Ave, Edinburgh EH12 9RH

NHS walk through clinics are in these locations:

- Allermuir Health Centre - 165 Colinton Mains Dr, Edinburgh EH13 9AF

- Conan Doyle Medical Centre - 4 Nether Liberton Ln, Edinburgh EH16 5TY

- Gracemount Medical Practice - 24 Gracemount Dr, Edinburgh EH16 6RN

- Norton Park - 57 Albion Rd, Edinburgh EH7 5QY

- Leith Community Treatment Centre - 12 Junction Pl, Edinburgh EH6 5JQ

- Sighthill Health Centre - 380 Calder Rd, Edinburgh EH11 4AU

- Tollcross Health Centre - Edinburgh EH3 9QQ

- West End Medical Practice - 36 Manor Pl, Edinburgh EH3 7EB

- South Queensferry Medical Practice - 41 The Loan, South Queensferry EH30 9HA

If you need to use public transport to attend the walk in clinics, this is classed as essential travel.

Where can I get a flu jab if I’m not eligible for a free one?

Anyone aged 16 or over and not eligible for the free vaccination can get the vaccine in many community pharmacies for a fee.

Pharmacies in ASDA, Boots, Lloyds and Tesco have been offering private flu jab appointments but have closed their booking systems at present due to unprecedented demands.

How do I arrange my appointment?

If you are eligible for the vaccine, you will receive a letter from the NHS which should give you information about organising your appointment.

Patients attending their appointment should bring their eligibility letter with them and wear a loose fitting top with short sleeves and be aware that there will be no toilet facilities available.

There may be queues at the clinic and social distancing guidelines will be in practice.

You may receive your letter later than others, if you are included in the second phase.

If you have a school aged child, you should have received a consent form home from their school in August.

Do not worry if your appointment is later than usual or you are in the second wave of appointments, as everyone who is eligible should have been vaccinated by the end of 2020.

Flu season begins in December but doesn’t peak until January and February so everyone should be vaccinated before the virus is at its highest transmission rate.

Is it safe to get a flu jab this winter?

The NHS has stressed that it is vital that those who are eligible for the jab receive it.

It has also reassured the public that strict infection prevention and control measures will be in place at all vaccination sites, including PPE and physical distancing.

The increase in the number of people being offered the free vaccine is to protect vulnerable groups from being infected with coronavirus and the flu at the same time.

Reducing the amount of people hospitalised with the flu throughout the winter will help to ease pressure on the NHS.

Before being used as a vaccine, all medicine is trialled by the Medicines and Healthcare Products Regulatory Agency (MHRA) for safety and effectiveness and is continuously monitored while the vaccines are in use.

For anyone allergic to egg, a vaccine which is not prepared in hen’s eggs is available and this can be arranged prior to your appointment by contacting your GP.