Tier 1 Scotland: lockdown rules and restrictions for areas in level 1 - including Highland, Shetland and Moray

Five regions of Scotland remain under level 1 coronavirus restrictions

Five regions of Scotland have been assigned level 1 restrictions (Getty Images)
Five regions of Scotland have been assigned level 1 restrictions (Getty Images)

The First Minister has updated the level of coronavirus restrictions to be applied to every region in Scotland under the government’s multi-level lockdown system.

Speaking on November 17 Ms Sturgeon confirmed that Glasgow and 10 additional regions would be placed under level 4 restrictions.

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It wasn’t all bad, with the First Minister confirming that East Lothian and Midlothian would be downgraded to level 2 restrictions and that five regions would remain under level 1 restrictions.

Scotland’s First Minister announced the decision to MSPs in the Scottish Parliament on Tuesday at the weekly review of the Scottish Government’s coronavirus measures.

Here's what life under level one restrictions looks like.

What are the level one rules?

Under level one rules no in-home socialising is permitted, with limited exceptions. Groups of six from a maximum of two households are able to gather in indoor and outdoor public settings.

According to the Scottish government different rules will apply to children, though these have not yet been specified.

The sale of food and alcohol is permitted in indoor and outdoor venues, though a 10.30pm curfew is in place for all hospitality settings.

Hotels, B&Bs, self-catering, caravan and camp sites are allowed to operate under these restrictions so long as socialising and hospitality rules are adhered to.

Those living in a level one setting are advised against non-essential travel to/from level 3 or higher areas in Scotland and equivalents in the rest of the UK, with limited exceptions.

Car sharing should be avoided where possible while face coverings are compulsory on public transport.

Close contact services such as hairdressers and barbers will be allowed to operate in level one. Mobile close contact services can also operate at this level.

In level one stadia can reopen with restricted numbers and small events in indoor settings can take place. Outdoor events with restricted numbers can also take place.

Weddings, and civil partnerships and funerals are all subject to 20 person limits.

All sports and exercise is permitted with the exception of indoor contact sports between adults.

Public services can open and support services such as counselling are permitted.

What is the advice for those shielding?

The government has said that those shielding at all levels will not be asked “to distance from people within your own homes or to stop taking outdoor exercise.”

Specific advice for those shielding in a level one setting are as follows:

- Contact with others: follow the level advice to the general population

- Shopping: strictly follow the guidelines when shopping

- If you cannot work from home: following a workplace risk assessment, your employer should make the necessary adjustments to your workplace to protect you - the majority of workplaces can be made safe

School/formal childcare: follow the level advice to the general population

Which areas will go under level one restrictions?

The following areas have been named as level one areas:

- Highland

- Moray

- Orkney

- Shetland

- Western Isles.